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Hire private drivers for your car at your fingertips no matter where you are with our easy -to- use smartphone app.

It was just another night in the States when Rahm received a call from Ashok. Little did he know that his son got hit with an entrepreneurial rage and wanted to crack something for the parking calamity in India. Nodding heads in unison, the duo went ahead and hatched a team for on-demand valet services. Soon, in fits and starts, it was realized that the real problem was not being solved.

Headquarters - Bangalore, India



  • Feb '16 - Raised seed round from Unitus Ventures

  • Nov '16 - Completed 100,000 lifetime trips

  • May-Sep '17 - Acquired Zuver and Driverskart

  • Nov '17 - Raised Series A from Unitus Ventures, Singhal Family Trust and others

  • June '18 - Actively driving commuters over 7 cities

  • Oct '18 - Raised Series A1 from Stevens Creek Ventures, Unitus and others

  • June '19 - Crossed 1,000,000 lifetime trips

  • Aug '19 - Clocked 1,000,000 annualized trips 

  • Sep '19 - Raised Series B1 from VentureFarmer, Unitus Ventures and others

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